International Journal of Contemporary Business Literature (IJCBL) is published by ASIAN ACADEMY OF BUSINESS AND SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH (PRIVATE) LIMITED which is based in Lahore, Pakistan. The permanent address of publisher is 81-G Defence Road, Dream Gardens, Lahore (Pakistan).

International Journal of Contemporary Business Literature (IJCBL) is thrilled to unveil its dynamic online platform, providing a vibrant space for researchers, practitioners, and students to share and delve into the latest trends in Business Management. Our commitment is to propel the understanding of how Contemporary Business Literature reshapes business dynamics, spanning strategy, marketing, finance, and operations.

IJCBL invites submissions of original research articles, review papers, case studies, and commentaries that tackle the challenges and opportunities of the digital era, offering innovative solutions to complex business problems. Navigate our user-friendly website to explore a diverse range of scholarly articles, engage in discussions with global scholars, and stay updated by subscribing to our mailing list for the latest publications and events.

At the heart of our mission is the belief that research and education drive economic and social progress, with Contemporary Business Literature providing unparalleled opportunities for innovation. IJCBL is dedicated to fostering an open, inclusive culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration, building a community of passionate researchers and practitioners in business and technology.

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International Journal of Contemporary Business Literature

Publishing City: Lahore, Country: Pakistan

Vol. 3 No. 1 (2023): IJCBL

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International Journal of Contemperory Business Literature (IJCBL) is a key academic journal on how digital technology affects business.

This Journal is essential for understanding and navigating businesses in the digitally revolutionizing world.